Energy Minister: Future Plans of Coal Mining in Alberta Have Been Received

sonya savage
Energy Minister Sonya Savage. PHOTO BY AZIN GHAFFARI

Two reports, according to Alberta’s energy minister, will dictate the outcome of coal mining in the Rocky Mountain hills and on the eastern slopes of the province. According to Sonya Savage, both an engagement report and a final report to the government have been submitted by the panel.

Before making the results and suggestions public, the United Conservative government will take the time to study them, according to Savage.

For more than 40 years, the eastern slopes of the Rockies have been protected from open-pit coal mining by laws issued by the federal government.

Companies from around the world bought up vast areas of property, many of which had been previously undeveloped and which were located in the province’s most important water sources.

Savage was compelled to reinstate the restrictions and halt selling exploration leases after a public backlash that included urban environment lovers, rural ranchers, and country music artists.

There was a strong and immediate public backlash, and Savage was pushed to reinstate the restrictions and postpone selling exploration leases because of it.

In order to get feedback from Albertans, she went to a panel. Around addition to receiving more than 1,000 emailed papers and 170 comprehensive written contributions, the panel also received materials from 67 meetings in the province.

“I thank the committee for their diligence and hard work engaging with Albertans and in developing their recommendations,” she said in a statement.

“I also want to thank all Albertans, Indigenous people, communities and organizations that participated in the process and provided their valuable input.”

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Written by Olivia Woods

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