Oil and Gas Industry’s New Age is Here

New Age Oilfield Services

A small start-up that began in a two-bedroom house in Edmonton has since grown to become one of the leading oilfield companies that provide services to oil and gas producers in Western Canada.

Founded in 2004 by its CEO, Mark Rhodenizer, who first worked as an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) installer at a company in Alberta, where he became familiar with the dynamics of the oil and gas industry in Canada and the United States.

Being the first-ever company in Alberta to offer chemical injection systems, New Age Oilfield Services is recognized for its wide variety of products and services.

Some of their specialized services are:

  • Electric Submersible Pump Services (ESP)
  • Pumpjack Maintenance and Installation Services
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Instrumentation Spooling

And plenty of others are available in their service catalogue

Electric Submersible Pumps

One of their most popular services is the electrical submersible pump, often called ESP, which is known as an efficient way to lift liquids from wellbores with the help of artificial methods by increasing liquid flow to the surface of the well.

Dual Spooling ESP Truck

In comparison to other artificial methods such as rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps (PCP), and gas lifts, ESP is an excellent option in terms of offshore application, high-volume lift capacity, and operating efficiency.

Advantages of ESP

  • adaptable to highly deviated wells.
  • adaptable to required subsurface wellheads 6 ft apart for maximum surface-location density.
  • safe, quiet, and sanitary conditions enough to operate in an offshore and environmentally conscious area.
  • commonly viewed as a high-volume pump.
  • permits placing wells on production even while drilling and working over wells in immediate vicinity.
  • can be used in extreme environmental conditions.

Electric Submersible Pump systems make it possible to move fluids to the surface in several fluid-movement methods perfect for high-pressure, low-to-medium volume, and environmentally sensitive applications, such as produced water disposal, pipeline booster, crude oil transfer, NGL/propane, ethane, amine and other gas services, waterflood injection and many others.

Community Involvement

At New Age oilfield services, creating a better future for its community is an essential part of the company. From sponsoring hospital foundations to partnering with local small businesses to bring joy to children at Christmas and raising over $15.000, community involvement is a key part of how this company got to where it is today.

Racing For a Cure

New Age Oilfield Service’s mission to be a recognized team player in the industry has been shown throughout the years. Aligning with their goals has taken them from a small 2-bedroom apartment to building a large facility with both their head office and manufacturing in the same facility.

New Age Oilfield Services will continue to deliver the best quality services to meet all of its clients’ expectations, growing every day with the help of its employees and loyal customers.

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Written by Olivia Woods

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