Meter Proving

meter proving services
Quick solutions to your meter proving needs
Full On-Site Custody Transfer Meter Proving
  • Custody Transfer Meter Proving, Master Meter Proving, and Meter Inspection
  • Fast proving times per meter utilizing Small Volume Provers
  • “Cloud-based” remote customer access to past proving reports
  • Fleet of inline and bench provers that are all 100 percent mobile
  • All meter provers are Directive 17, BCOGC, ABSA compliant
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Master Meter Provers

It is necessary to employ a higher accuracy meter (that has been validated to a higher accuracy level than the meter under test) in conjunction with the meter under test in order to perform master meter proving.

Bench Provers

In contrast to field calibration, which involves calibrating the meter using the real process as the input method, bench meter calibration involves proving at a calibration bench by replicating the process.

Inline Prover

Is the process of comparing the preset scale or metering of a flow meter to a standard scale of measurement and then modifying the metering to comply to the standard scale of measurement (also known as calibration).

Volumetric Provers

A volumetric flow meter prover measures the volume of a material moving through a certain point in a given amount of time, either directly or indirectly. Volumetric flow rate is measured in a variety of units.

Ball Provers

A sphere prover, also known as a ball prover or pipe prover, is based on the repetitive displacement of a known volume of liquid from a calibrated piece of pipe between two detectors.

Tank Provers

A calibration tank for large-volume liquid flow metres. Prover tanks are often installed on transportable trailer units that may be towed from one job site to another by vehicle.