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business growth

EnergySector.ca is your one-stop shop for everything related to Canada’s energy industry. Our objective was to develop a resource for industry leaders seeking answers.

Our staff is equipped to develop and execute any growth campaign your business needs to flourish. We’ll collaborate with you to become an extension of your team, allowing your staff to focus on their strengths while we handle the rest.

Energy Sector offers a complete suite of integrated traditional and digital marketing services that customers value for their continued growth. Our services span from small-scale initiatives to fully integrated traditional and digital marketing strategies. Narrowing our attention to a single industry enables us to give unprecedented outcomes since we understand the vertical because we have concentrated our efforts exclusively on it. Our target market is your target market and no one knows it better! 


  • Boost your lead generating and sales prospecting efforts
  • Setup a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and a sales pipeline
  • Enhance brand awareness and reputation
  • Establish new relationships with consumers, global markets, and partnerships.
  • Uncover previously unknown sales, partnership, and acquisition possibilities
  • Produce visual market data and analysis for your the energy business
  • Guaranteed ROI or you don’t pay!

Our services cover a large spectrum of different energy services including but not limit to: meter proving, electrical & instrumentation, maintenance & regulatory, environmental, systems integration, mobile boilers and many more. No other marketing company understands the target audience for each service. Our industry leading subscriber list boasts over 10k of industry decision makers like Operations Coordinators, procurement, Production Engineers, CEOs to name a few.


We offer custom-tailored consulting solutions for energy sector businesses looking to improve their sales & marketing processes, create new processes or simply want to operate highly efficient & functioning.

Reporting & Analytics

We understand the needs of the energy sector when it comes to making data driven decisions for your business. We are Level III Databox Certified data analysts that provide insights in to your business you never imagined possible.


Marketing professionals that understand your target market. We’ve got you covered from search engine optimization (SEO), direct response, content marketing, social media, web design & reputation management.

Our news section is the main source for daily energy industry news in Canada, the US, and throughout the world. Take a look and see for yourself why so many in the industry depend on us for their current energy news and events.

Legacy marketing methods die hard

The traditional approach of relationship selling using a Rolodex in a call center culture has become antiquated in the face of current energy marketing strategies used to not only attract but retain clients. Those that employ content-driven strategies are becoming increasingly proficient at capturing the attention of buyers.

Insider oil & gas experience

We have years of experience working within the energy sector in Canada. Our marketing professionals know how to precisely target your audience like no other marketing company.

Tried, Tested & Proven

Our marketing options are tried, tested and proven to increase marketing qualified leads that lead to sales marketing leads and ultimately more sales. We pride ourselves in our ability to clearly show you return on investment or you don’t pay. Guaranteed!


No other marketing and consulting company understands the energy sector as well as we do. Consider this…your target audience is also ours. We have the industry’s largest and most active subscriber base. When it comes to getting your business in front of key decision-makers in the oil and gas industry, there is only one obvious choice.

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brett elliott

When it comes to internet marketing, there is no other who can compete. I've never seen such a level of success with any other marketing firm in my previous experience. Definitely a great company to work with if you want to boost your web visibility and lead flow.



Dino French

These folks know how to market online. The results stand for themselves. I would recommend them to anyone considering improving their inbound leads.


Real Estate Investor

rich rukavina

Never before have I see results like what I've seen from Don. His ability to generate demand is unmatched in the industry. A true pioneer in online marketing.


(Former) President of Triton Systems

jerad portner

Would recommend to anyone looking to increase sales and lead flow in to their funnels. Worked with Don personally for 3+ years and saw incredible results.


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When it comes to SEO and getting your business to the top of Google in O&G there really is no one better than Don Halbert. The guy takes the impossible and makes it possible.



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